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Contact us 聯系我們

Tel:+86 0769-87720088


Fax:+86 0769-89322888



Add:No. 1 Juxian Street, Hengtang, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

About Dongguan Baode Hardware


    Dongguan Baode Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, and which is a production, manufacturing, sales and logistics in one Modern hardware manufacturing enterprises. Professional production ofvarious types of screw, rivet, turning parts, etc., annual output is nearly 3000 tons, more than 200 sets of non-standard dies is developed one year. High quality products are widely used inelectrical, electronic, electrical, communications and other industries. 

   Our Vision is to be the world's leading supplier of high quality hardware products.Our Mission is to let the smallest parts led to the biggest success.Our Core Values have five :The first is the customer satisfaction is our top priority.  The second is astute detail to the highest quality. The third is concise and efficient work.  The forth is value and reward dedications and hard work.  The fifth is honest operation and relentless improvement.

    In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, our company has established and maintaineda standardized quality management system, making quality one of the core competitive elements of the company. With the vigorous support of our customers, our company is growing and expanding continuously.We have more than 100 high-tech equipments such as imported head beater, tooth rubbing machine, CNC lathe, automatic lathe and so on. We have all kinds of quality testing equipments such as film thickness tester, ROHS tester, 2.5 dimension ,salt spray tester, torsion tester, Vickers hardness tester, push-pull tester, CCD optical nail selector and so on. It is the first-class supplier of many well-known enterprises in the world.


+86 0769-87720088