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Fastener Expo Shanghai 2019

AddDate:2019-07-03    Click:722

Fastener professional exhibition was opened on 26th of June 2019 in Shanghai National exhibition center, this can be called the great feast of global Fastener exhibitions and it makes great influence of this industry

The exhibition was covered well-known Fastener Manufacturs from domestic and international, it included lots of related equitments , molds, wires, and so on ,Amost involves 12 countries and regions, such as Germany,Italy,Us, England,Belgium, Netherlands, Japan,Korea, also HongKong Taiwan, it reached more than 700 enterprises.

On behalf of our company, we also be here, and our booth is 3C350, we got lots of people here, some from India, Russia, US, others belong to Taiwand, Mainland,discussing and making kinds of offerings, it's been great honour to us, and everyone shows big interestings to come to our company Having a visit, and willingly have cooperations in the fulture.

After the show, we got many experiences about the Expo, also as we see that Africa market looks very promising, and it is a huge development space for us, we should be focus on that, Expecting and Waiting.



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