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The fastener industry in China should look to the future and go to the high end

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Fasteners are the basis of industrial development, the quality of fasteners seriously affect the quality of industrial products, in fact, not only industry, many industries are inseparable from the products of fasteners, which is determined by its extensive use.

Industry experts say small fasteners play an indispensable role in building behemoths, and while they are small players, they have a crucial impact. Because of the importance of connection, consumers have a preference for brands in purchasing.

There are more than 2000 fastener standards in the world, among which there are more than 400 fastener standards in China. Technical standards are divided into basic technical conditions, structural elements, mechanical properties, product, process, test, test method and so on, it has become the transformation of science and technology to productive force, is the important foundation to realize product socialization, intensification, and used for business such as acceptance of the arbitration is to review the development process of fastener industry in the past, it is not difficult to find that when market best-selling inevitable saturation of the products.

The production of fasteners in China accounts for one quarter of the global output, but most of them are low-strength and low-grade products, among which the standard parts below grade 8.8 account for about 45%-50%. In the environment of high raw material prices, the overcapacity of low-grade standard parts has become a stumbling block for the development of the whole fastener industry. Excess production capacity and large amount of inventory lead to tight capital for enterprises to operate. If enterprises want to turn costs into profits, they have to find a new way to increase investment in technology. Only with good technology can they develop broader market resources.

Therefore, hardware fasteners need to remove the "low-end" label. Under the premise of transformation and upgrading, most Chinese fastener enterprises have to face such a situation: rising raw material price, RMB appreciation, labor cost rise. The increase of raw material cost leads to the increase of product price, but the premise of product price rise is the improvement of technology and brand strength, which is a continuous process, for small and medium-sized fastener enterprises, technology improvement is a bottleneck, they need to struggle through.

Domestic industry experts said, the size of fastener enterprises should look to the future, "high-speed rail" "aerospace" "highway" airport ", "national key construction project is moving towards the high-end provides an opportunity for tight companies, Boeing 3400 new aircraft over the next 20 plan, the national development and reform commission, the investment of 800 billion yuan to build six urban rail transit, 36 plan according to the construction of urban rail transit projects of urban planning, to 2020, the new mileage will reach 6560 km of urban rail transit, rail fastener demand of 55-7 billion yuan. These large projects will greatly increase the demand for high strength fasteners, titanium alloy and other high-end fasteners, it is possible to remove the "low-end" label.

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