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Present situation and prospect of Chinese mechanical fastener marke

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Fasteners as the main basic parts of the mechanical industry, the improvement of its product technology and quality will contribute to the improvement of the level of the whole mechanical industry; In turn, the development of machinery industry will drive the development of mechanical fasteners, the two are closely linked. But now there is a problem increasingly prominent: for example, China's host level is gradually improving, but mechanical fasteners have been lagging behind the host... How to eliminate such bottlenecks and where to find opportunities? This is a big problem in front of Chinese mechanical fasteners.

Compared with the international advanced level, the technical level of Chinese mechanical products is relatively backward, which is mainly reflected in product reliability, machine life, appearance quality and information technology level. These gaps are mainly reflected in the technical level of basic components.

The mechanical industry is one of the most important users of fasteners. However, due to the late recognition of the important position of mechanical basic parts in the mechanical industry in China and the long-term lack of investment, the whole industry has poor foundation, weak foundation and weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the main engine level in China, the bottleneck phenomenon of the mechanical foundation falling behind the main engine is becoming increasingly apparent. (chinanews.com)

In recent years, although the state has given certain support to technology introduction, technological transformation and scientific research and development, there is still a big gap between the current market demand and foreign level, which is manifested in the following aspects: few product varieties, low level, unstable quality, high early failure rate and poor reliability.

At present, China's machinery parts manufacturing enterprises have grown to thousands, but most of the products are low-tech, unable to enter the mainstream market of key parts. It is expected that the future of China's mechanical fastener enterprises will show cluster development. That is, the mechanical fastener enterprises close to the neighboring enterprises gathered together, led by the local mechanical fastener association, through continuous innovation and win the competitive advantage. In the cluster of mechanical fastener products plays an important role in the characteristics of the private small and medium-sized enterprises, they rely on the leading enterprises for OEM production. And in a special field both competition and cooperation, gradually formed an industrial chain.

Look "high-end.

Fastener as the main basic parts of the mechanical industry, the development of the mechanical industry, also put forward higher requirements for fastener products. At present, the domestic standard fasteners have been in excess of demand, and high-grade fasteners (high temperature, special-shaped, titanium plastic composite, special performance fasteners) in short supply, but also rely on imports. The state machinery administration lists "ordinary standard fasteners" as restricted development products and "high-strength special-shaped fasteners" as current products to encourage development. High strength fasteners with the improvement of the country's industrialization level and technological progress, the use of gradually increased.

The development and performance improvement of fasteners are urgently expected by the mechanical industry. With the large scale of major technical equipment and the limit of parameters, it is necessary to develop more new fasteners with high temperature and pressure resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements.

The speed of informatization was accelerated. With mechanical fasteners enterprise competition in the market to further expand, in how to effectively utilize the whole resource management thinking and management of an enterprise information, through ERP computer network system of enterprise logistics, cash flow, information flow integrated management, its core idea is to implement the tube henan breakage mechanism of "supply chain". Real-time and accurate grasp of the pulse of market demand and other functions, support enterprise group, cross-border operation, its main purpose is to fully allocate and balance the resources of all aspects of the enterprise, suitable for global economic integration, customer demand diversification, product production cycle shortened, fierce market competition such an environment requirements. This makes enterprises in the fierce market competition in a full range of enterprise potential, so that enterprises can achieve better economic benefits.

Chinese well-known machinery industry leaders will increase the research and development of components. In the field of construction machinery, the construction machinery industry association and other industry organizations are also interested in leading several complete machine enterprises to form a technical alliance to tackle key parts and components.

National competent departments will gradually strengthen the support for spare parts. Ministry of industry and information technology, the latest documents show more than 1.5 mw wind turbine speed increaser bearings, generator bearing and spindle bearing, gear, yaw variable propeller by hydraulic servo system and sealing system, wind power tower drum with large size high strength fasteners, forming dies and the stator, rotor parts of large precision stamping die; Large hydraulic generator ball valve, runner blade, relay seal system; The secondary pump bearing of nuclear power plant, the three-stage sealing device of the new nuclear power main pump and the special fasteners for high reliability nuclear power plant will be supported in the future.

Broad market prospect

According to the general plan for the development of machinery industry during the 12th five-year plan period, the machinery industry should maintain a steady and healthy development, with the average annual growth rate of industrial output value, industrial added value and main business income around 12%, and the growth rate of high-end equipment more than double the average growth rate of the whole industry. At present, the overall supply and demand trend of the machinery industry is stable, but the supply and demand situation of each specific sub-industry will be further differentiated.

High-end CNC machine tools, a Marine heavy equipment, precision components, power transmission and transformation equipment and automatic control equipment machinery industry due to its high technical barriers and the manufacturing cycle is difficult to shorten, the capacity increase is limited, and the acceleration of power grid construction, new energy development and make the downstream demand increased dramatically, so the performance for the downstream demand growth faster than supply growth, the industry demand for fasteners remained strong.

Although the production capacity of textile and garment machinery, packaging machinery, hardware and abrasive tools, power supply equipment and other mechanical sub-industries has not significantly increased, due to the obvious decline in downstream industry prosperity, the demand shrinks seriously, resulting in the situation of supply exceeding demand, the demand for fasteners in these industries has decreased.

In the field of agricultural machinery, the total output value of a series of agricultural machinery products such as tractors, rice transplanters and harvesters during the 12th five-year plan period will reach 250 billion yuan, and the annual demand for various fasteners is expected to exceed 150,000 tons, with an output value of about 2 billion yuan.

In the field of construction machinery, during the 12th five-year plan period, the social quantity of construction machinery loaders, excavators, rollers and other series of products will reach 6 million, with an annual sales volume of about 50,000, and the annual demand for high-strength fasteners is estimated to be 20,000-30,000 tons.

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